28 july 2011


POTD prompt was six.

I post my POTD for Tuesday. Now I just have cards to make to catch up.

It is swim day which means more fast food. Then the boys have haircuts which means even more fast food. Ugh.

Allen decided to meet us tomorrow. I live how he has to do the housework before he can come out and play.

At CFA. Could not find my debit card. I had forgotten it in the card. When we were at Disney, I kept my debit card and money in my pocket instead of my wallet. Oops. I am glad it was in the card instead of home.

I chose a booth in the back because that is where Andy usually ends up. A family with a high chair blocked us in. Andy is upset that I am making him sit I stead of wander about. Sigh.

Talked to Bonnie. She thought we would be visiting the other resorts at Disney. I didn't know that we could. She says she would love to het photos of all the gingerbread houses at Christmas. Maybe I will do that for her and make a book.

Came home and made two quick cards; celebrate & make a wish

Now at Salon Nohea. The boys are getting haircuts. Haircuts fine. Had to change my appointment for next month.

At the bookstore. Ryan wants to leave because of the potential rain. Sigh. I made Ryan stay a little longer. He went to look at the Tampa books. I saw the Disney tour books and found one on Hidden Mickeys.

We paid for the books and left. I backed up the van to get out of the parking space. Then I put the car in drive and the gear shift kept moving. I turned off the car and tried to restart it but it would not start with the gear stuck in drive. I called dad to come and get the boys then called for a tow.

Ryan got upset and caused Andy to get upset. Dad got the boys and took them to eat. I waiting for the tow.

And waited.

And waited.

Meanwhile, my iPhone battery was on the red. And my backup battery was dead. So I doodled and wrote in my paper journal.

Two hours later, Ricky showed up. Ricky has the most amazing blue eyes. He said it was probably broken linkage and not usually expensive. He asked me where I was going and I said the dealer. He told me it was too expensive but we never found a mechanic down here. We really haven't needed one either. He gave me the name of a place. Then he drove me home and took my car to the mechanic.

I got home just after 7. I saw that Andy did not eat much and dad said he stayed in his room since he got home. I talked to him and he felt better and then ate.

I caught up on my tumblr reads and feedly reads. Will be staying home tomorrow to catch up on more. sigh.