27 july 2011


Happy Birthday Bonnie!

Awake at 5:00 with Ryan. I got out of bed at 6:30 when Ryan wanted to turn on the TV an watch the same spiel that Disney provides. He has seen it about three dozen times.

When the boys are awake, they play musical beds.

We have run out of juice. Luckily Andy is more flexible when it comes to drinks. He will drink apple juice from McDonalds or CFA. I am looking forward to some caffeine today.

Ryan has been OK without his computer. He has the Internet but without Flash which his favorite sites use.

Lesson: Bring more juice than you think. Half liter of juice is $2.59.

8:14. Sitting at the guitar pool. Andy wanted to swim at the Piano pool. Ryan took off wandering and I had to goto Melody Hall to recharge his card an get some juice for Andy. Also got two pins for my collection. (I need to put them all up!) I got a pressed penny for Vera. Maybe I will send them one day.

Day is quiet and overcast.

At 8:30 I decided to walk to the other pool. I didn't like Andy swimming on his own. Ryan was there pacing. I did not yell, I remained calm. Andy was not swimming but waiting for me. Ryan said he had to rest. Then I made him take the apple juice back to the room.

Ryan just does not understand the need to tell me where he is. Sigh.

Andy is swimming. I am sweating.

They power wash portions of the pool decks each week day. Disney has their own street sweepers. Explains the high cost of staying there.

Still loads of young teenage girls in short shorts, tank tops and pink backpacks. The pretty ones stay together. As do the plainer ones. Interesting.

Sick of social apps. Not much else to do whilst watching Andy swim. Miss home and the ability to do something else. (Yeah, I know I just used whislt instead of while.)

A women just got into the pool with a swimsuit two sizes too small. Why am I ashamed to wear a suit that actually fits?

10:16 Andy is still swimming. No sign of Ryan yet. We will have go back to the room at 10:30. We have to be out by 11:00. Not that anyone will be standing at the door but I am bored and want to get going.

We got back to the room and Ryan was not there. Andy opened the door and said, "There is something wrong." I assured him Ryan would come back and we would wait for him. We started to pack and I saw that Andy had already packed him stuff before we went swimming. He is such a good boy.

Ryan came back only after a few minutes. We packed up and left.

Ryan picked a long route to Downtown Disney but I had to nix that because I needed gas. Funny how food costs so much more in Disney but gas is actually cheaper than surrounding areas.

We went to Lego store. Ryan put together three minifigures and filled a small cup. I quickly filled my large cup so I switched Ryan to a large cup and filled the rest. Andy got a Cars Lego set. I could have spent much more time in there. I think I need to go without the boys.

We went to World of Disney. Andy had to use the restroom. Ryan wandered away. I told him to not leave the building without us. I waited for Andy and we walked around. He found a folding brush that he wanted. We looked for Ryan and found him soon enough. Ryan didn't want anything. He was ready to go. I paid for the brush and we left.

Again, we ate at McDonalds and CFA. Ryan had Navigon give us the routes to home. But Navi only included the quicker routes and Andy wanted to go back the northern route. Ryan did not want to go that way. Neither did I but it was Andy's choice. We got home about 2:30. The boys helped unload the car, said hello to poppa and quickly disappeared into their rooms for a couple of hours.

I put together my Brickley kit and took some photos for POTD. The prompt was out of focus but I just didn't feel it. I had taken a photo of the very large Brickley at Downtown Disney and made another Diptych.

I have uploaded my photos but have not looked at them. I will have to find something to post for yesterday's POTD. The prompt was curve and I did take some photos thinking of that.

So glad to be home. I did some laundry. I had a salad and fruit for dinner. I am so tired of fast food and eating with my fingers in the car.

Ryan wanted to use the computer so I went and built the Lego Mill Raid. Kind of cool knowing who designed it. That said, as an architect, some of the details are just ugly. Oh well. I think I am one of the few who pays too much attention to the details.

I am behind with my card making and scrap booking. I am not concerned about catching up. Things will get done.