29 july 2011


Called the mechanic. The keys were locked in the car so I had to call OnStar to open the doors.

The mechanic called me back. It is a broken shift cable and should could cost about $200. It should be fixed this afternoon.

Card of the other day.

Sorted the pick a brick Lego. I need more storage.

Worked on POTD. Prompt was candid.

Lunch. Grilled cheese and carrots.

1:00. Arnold's called, car is ready. Andy did not want to go. Ryan didn't want to go either. They agreed to stay home alone!

Car fixed. JD was nice. Has spittle between his lips, made me sick.

Ryan called and hung up then called again. Silly boy.

iPhone battery draining since update. Not just me.

Bed Bath & Beyond. Got a new Brita 35214 Base Faucet Filtration System
. (I got the one in chrome. I have had similar ones in the past, the indicator fails after a while.) I was also looking for Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8-Inch Omelet Pan but they only had them in a set.

Target. Generic meds finally reduced in price to under $100! It's about time. Got plenty of underwear for Ryan and a cookie monster shirt.

Starbucks. The nice barista was not here. I wish they wore name tags. Seems unfair when they ask for customer names. I got an iced soy chai and a carrot cake mini cupcake.

I try not to look at my site stats too often. I did look today and the numbers were way up. For me anyway. I wonder if it is for real or robots?

Home. Caught up on Internet stuff. Ryan jumped on my computer. Why didn't he use when I was gone? "I was busy."

Dinner: salad. Peaches

Got my computer back so I made two cards to catch up.
Card of yesterday. Card of the day.

Updated the iPad and iPhone. I hope this helps the battery life.

Got the school supply list. Ryan and I marked off the items we already have. The list called for a calculator with a square foot function. We think they want the square root function.