I am Sharon. I am a single mom with 2 beautiful boys.

I grew up in Michigan, the baby of 5. I went to University of Detroit and became an architect. I lived in Chicago for a few years but moved back to Michigan when I got tired of always being poor. Just as I managed to buy my own home, I fell in love with Gail. We married and had kids. I continued to work at home after the boys were born. Then Gail got cancer, his company was bought out and we got transferred to Florida in 2000. I never thought I would like Florida, I have never been a fan of heat but I met some wonderful women who made me feel at home. Gail’s cancer came back and he died in 2001. I decided to stay here with my boys.

The boys are doing well despite their diagnosis of autism. My dad used to come down every winter but moved in full time last year. I have not pursued getting my architectural license down here as that no longer is my goal to work as an architect. The economy is also a factor. I have been trying to figure out what I want to be or do when the boys are able to take care of themselves. I did have an online scrapbooking retail store but the economy couldn’t support it and I closed in November 2009.

I have been taking photographs since my first Kodak Instamatic I won in a raffle in the first grade. I love to shoot candids of my family, architecture and urban detail and get creative with things found in the home.

I joined a local photography meet-up group and have been enjoying photographing Tampa Bay.

I tried portrait photography. I am not able or willing to sell myself.

Still searching for something.