20190714 cycling

 special olympics summer games

I am feeling much better about cycling these days. I have figured out the fueling which makes me want to ride longer and stronger.


77° humidity 93% wind 5 SW
Delayed because my son was wearing my shoes on his own ride.
Wet. Light rain. At least it kept the heat down. Quick ride, just one loop.
9.07 miles


79° humidity 88% wind 5-9S
Heat index 92°
Two big loops. Wind from the south felt good except when I had to battle it on MPB.
I stopped at mile 5, I thought I had hit Resume but the screen was dim to save battery. I didn't realize until I stopped at mile 11. I lost 6 miles. Bother.
I put Skratch orange in my first bottle. I also took Skratch chews. On odd miles, I ate a chew. On even miles, I sipped some water. I still did my stops but they were shorter since I didn't need to chew a whole protein bar. The Skratch Labs Orange Energy Chews are good. I don't know if it was this new fuel method, or the clouds, but I did not feel exhausted at mile 20. I finished strong.
22.82 miles


77° humidity 91% wind 6-8 S
I was told that SR56 was going to open today so I went out that way. I brought 3 bottles, 2 with Skratch drink mix. I also started eating Skratch chews right away.
83° humidity 75% feels like 91°
I stopped at Hole in One and got an Apple Fritter. It was good, not great.
I also stopped at Living Food Bakery to check it out. More health foods and tea. I got some cookies to take home.
I rode back against the wind. It wasn't fun. At least I was more prepared than last week and had enough water and energy to get me home. At 11:30, they opened SR56 and traffic started to fill the new lanes.
29.29 miles


77° humidity 88% wind 6-8 SE
I planned on a recovery ride but my legs wanted to go. I watched my heart rate but it stayed low so I kept pedaling. Headwind along Mansfield cost me some speed.
9.06 miles
12 mph


77° humidity 93% wind 4-7 SE
Three loops today. Fueled with Skratch Labs Energy Chews and drink mix. Rode well the entire time with only stops at the light at Mansfield.
24.59 miles
11.8 mph


74° humidity 93% wind 4-5 E
Rode up to SR56 to Morris Bridge. There is no bike lane nor shoulder for about 3 miles. Drivers were polite and did not pass me too close. No one honked. When I did get a bike lane, it wasn't great. It was bumpy and at times covered by overgrown weeds.
I rode through Flatwoods. Clay Gully was over the trail. I rode through and got wet up the back. The water was colder than I expected. Only one cyclist announced himself. He was shirtless and was wearing white mesh liners that I could see through. No shorts. Barf. He was not thin.
The trail was also under at Trout Creek. I walked on he pedestrian bridge. When did they rebuild it in metal? The last time I walked it, it was wood. One cyclist riding the aero bars gave me finger guns. Hmm.
I had Skratch Matcha Green Tea and Lemons. It was fine. I also tried the Clif Bloks in Orange. They are OK. They are bigger than the Skratch Chews so I spaced them out every five miles.

82° humidity 80% = 88° wind 6 SE
I rode to Starbucks and got some iced tea and ate half of my Clif Bar.
The clouds are keeping the heat down and I have only gone through one bottle in 1:45. I have been drinking every three miles.
26.93 miles
12.0 mph

76° humidity 93% wind 2E
Short and slow recovery ride.
9.06 miles

This week 124.8 miles
This year 3231 miles

20190707 cycling

bike lane

A fairly good week for riding. I think the heat is really affecting me and I have to replace electrolytes. I had to go to a number of shops before I could find Skratch Labs mix which I prefer.


78° humidity 87% wind 2-4 N 3-4 NW
Felt good until mile 5. Not sure if it was my pushing or the jerk (driver) stopped in the crosswalk that started the flutter. Tachycardia through the rest of the ride. I rode directly home instead of riding for an hour like I planned.
9.09 miles
12.0 mph


80° humidity 86% wind 7 NW
Feels like 101°
Some clouds and some wind. I was doing well until mile 15. I stopped for a break and couldn't get myself to move any faster.
I stopped at MPIII. I was too early for tennis. I went to leave and got my chain stuck. I tried using a tire lever and broke the lever. (Better than breaking the chain.) I turned the bike over and slowly worked the chain loose. Lifting that heavy bike wiped me out and I crawled home. A few raindrops in the last mile but not enough to cool me down.
22.81 miles
11.5 mph


87° humidity 74% = 100°
Wind 2 NW 5 NE 6 N 6 NW
I went out to BBD based on the first wind reading. By the time I had got to SR56, it had changed direction. Not doing well. Is it the heat? Too much riding yesterday? Struggling through.
As I had 2 miles to go, I realized I should have had a shorter ride because tomorrow is July 4 and Andy doesn't like to go swimming on the holiday. I should have planned it better. Oh well.
22.05 miles


79° humidity 86% wind 0W 2NE 3E 2NE
Heat index 94°
Wind kept changing direction but since it was so slight, it wasn't an issue.
Decided to go easy today and not as far.
I saw an alligator enjoying the sun and heat.
16.84 miles


77° humidity 92% wind 3-4E
Legs weren't having it today. Too much sitting yesterday I guess. The alligator changed his position.
11.18 miles


76° humidity 91% wind 4-6 SE
My plan was to ride to Zephyrhills to indulge in a donut.
Hole in One Donuts is closed! Ugh. I did bring an RXBAR just in case but I really wanted a donut. Google Maps suggested Speedway, Wawa and Dunkin. I started to ride to Wawa then decided to go to Starbucks then decided on Panera. That little hill just about did me in. I looked at Bear Claw and Almond Croissant and decided on a bagel and cream cheese. I don't even use half the tub. I filled my empty water bottle with ice and water.
Should I save 2 miles by going the route that is torn up with construction.?
88° humidity 66% wind 8S
Heat Index 98°
The heat and headwind zapped any energy I might have had left. I drank all my water with a few miles to go and started sucking on the ice.
31.35 miles

74° humidity 97%
Slow recovery ride before the sun came up.
9.07 miles

This week 112.4
This year 3115

20190630 cycling

20190630 gcc.PNG

I finished the month stronger than I started it. I am glad I figured out why I felt so weak in the beginning. I must eat more protein at night.


71° humidity 92% wind 2SW
One big loop. My legs were strong though my left knee has started to hurt when I push hard.
12.03 miles
12.4 mph


82° humidity 85% wind 9 NW
Heat index 106°
Hot. No clouds for any shade.
I felt good despite the heat until mile 20. I just don't want to go any farther.
22.80 miles
11.6 mph


78° humidity 83% wind 1-3 NW
Felt strong again despite the heat.
Pushed it a bit. Shorter ride because I have an appointment at 11.
15.68 miles
12.5 mph


76° humidity 82% wind 4-5 NE
Less protein lass night didn't affect my ride. Then again, my lunch made up for it.
Short ride, swimming later in too-warm water.
12.62 miles
12.4 mph


75° humidity 86% wind 4-7E 7 SE
Some wind. Cooled me down and slowed me done. Stopped at MPIII and watched some kids learn tennis. I miss playing but know my ankle would never hold up.
Three smaller loops.
22.97 miles


77° humidity 87% wind 3-7-E
I should have started earlier but I just couldn't get myself moving.
I got to SR56 and MPB and decided to try the SR56 extension. It is complete but not open yet. I figured the MUP would be fine.
There were crews working on signage, the reflective grit on the striping and some other stuff.
I saw 9 other cyclists. The majority were riding in the ride in the wrong direction!
It is 3 miles from MPB to Morris Bridge. Then 3 more miles to 301. I had a headwind the entire way.
I stopped at 301 and had an RXBar. Then I went back. There didn't to seem much tailwind.
20.80 miles

74° humidity 94% wind 2-3 E
I woke up "late" at 5:11 so I got up and rode right away. Just a short and slow loop.
9.09 miles

This week 115.9 miles
This month 454 miles
This year 2984 miles

20190623 cycling


I discovered that my lack of energy had to do with my dinners the night before. Since Andy got out of school, I have been eating only rice/quinoa and vegetables for dinner. When I add more protein, I have more energy the following day.


73° humidity 94% wind 5 NE
Sun was up and more traffic. It wasn't too hot yet. One loop and a bit. I felt better.
12.69 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 7-10 S
More wind today. My legs were fine until I had to stop for traffic. Then they didn't want to pedal anymore.
10.99 miles


76° humidity 93% wind 7-11S
Cloudy and windy and wet. The rain stayed away but I was sweating just as much. My legs were strong today! Is it because I had a burger and fries last night for dinner? LoseIt! has me eating too few calories. I had stopped noting my average speed because it had become so slow. I am good with 12.1 on my heavy mountain bike
17.05 miles
12.1 mph


78° humidity 91% wind 5-7 SW
One big loop. A little less energy today but I pushed it. My legs felt a little shaky when I stopped to rest so I ate half of RXBar. That seemed to help. I pushed it going up the little hill on Beardsley and triggered arrhythmia. I could feel it but the HR monitor stayed at 153. Not until I got the n Stetson did it change. I forget that I shouldn't push myself that hard.
11.63 miles
12.1 mph


80° humidity 87% wind 4-6 SW; 4-5 W; 7-8 NW
I had a good salad last night with salmon which I believe is giving me the energy this morning. It was windy but I kept my speed up until mile 20 and then I was just tired. I need to remember a second water bottle. I filled up at MPIII but the water is not cold enough for me. I saw an alligator on n the culvert across from Culver’s.
22.80 miles
11.9 mph


82° humidity 85% wind 3-6 W
Two big loops again today. When I stopped to photograph the alligator, I noticed my legs were already shaky. I ate half my RXBar. My legs were fine the next time I stopped. I brought two water bottles today and I needed them. The heat index was 102° by the time I stopped.
22.83 miles
11.9 mph


74° humidity 95% wind 1N
Short, easy ride.
10.60 miles

This week 108.6 miles
This year 2866 miles

20190616 cycling


I am disappointed in the lack of miles this week. But I have not been feeling great while riding. I don’t know if it is the heat and humidity, my age, or maybe I just need a break. I am determined to ride an hour each day and not worry about my speed.


73° humidity 95% wind 4-7 SW
So many dead frogs. Pasco starts summer school today. The buses are out.
11.25 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 7-9 S
Rain in the area but they said it should be light. I realized the wind had changed and I turned around at SR56. I stopped and said hello to the cows and checked the weather. Heavier rain was coming sooner. Great.
The first bit of rain was light and short. I was about 2 miles from home when the skies opened up. I was soaked within a block. The rain let up as I got near home but I was too wet and could hear thunder.
9.02 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 6-10 S
Sun was back but so was the wind. My plan was to go 25 miles to make up for yesterday but my body said no. I saw an eagle get harassed by a much smaller bird.
17.46 miles


81° humidity 86% wind 6-11 W
I did mini loops until I was getting nauseous. Where has my energy gone? Almost hit by a car coming out of the Looney Bin. I was wiping my face and didn't look.
14.42 miles


71° humidity 100% wind 2-4 S
Trying something different. I rode as soon as I got up. It was dark and quiet except for the gators and wild boars making noise.
I rode mini loops for an hour.
10.65 miles

72° humidity 100% wind 2-3 N
I heard no gators this morning. Mini loops.
12.30 miles


74° humidity 98% wind 2 NIt was getting lighter so I did the regular loop and one mini. Still no energy. At least I got to see the sunrise.
11.19 miles

This week 86.3 miles
This year 2757 miles

20190609 cycling


A good week for riding. I started feeling stronger towards the end of the week.


85° humidity 68% = 93° wind 7 NW
Late start because I met the new neighbors. Sprinkles started at mile 5. Light rain at mile 8. Soaked by the time I got home.
11.58 miles


75° humidity 89% wind light
Summer is coming.
20.70 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 2-5 SE
More cyclists today. Foul odor from the Looney Bin again.
17.07 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 2-4 SE
Rain last night means many dead frogs in the road.
13.27 miles


78° humidity 80% wind 5-8S
Overcast with rainin the forecast. A bit windy. A few sprinkles. Not enough to cool me down. A woman yelled at me out her car window "You look amazing!" I thanked her. I don't know who she was. She must have seen me riding over the years.
Still a foul odor from the Looney Bin.
16.93 miles


81° humidity 77% wind 2-11 NE
Overcast and humid.
New yield signs along SR56 MUP.
21.28 miles


74° humidity 95% wind 4-8 SE
Didn't get to far before I had to turn back. I had forgotten my light. Some of the areas I ride, have no streetlights. It gets very dark in the country.
One loop and one mini loop.
12.34 miles

This week 113.2 miles
This year 2669 miles

20190602 cycling


Just an OK week for riding. I didn’t know why my energy has gone away.


92° humidity 46% feels like 97°
Headwind along Mansfield was bad. Did three short loops.
10.28 miles
11.0 mph


82° humidity 68% wind 4 S/SW
The wind shouldn't have mattered but it did. I couldn't fight it.
17.06 miles
11.3 mph


77° humidity 72% wind 5-13 SE
Started out OK then wind got strong. Stomach cramps started about mile 15 so I didn't do three loops as planned.
19.21 miles
11.0 mph


76° humidity 82% wind 3-6 S
I started out strong but lost it at about 8 miles. I had nothing left but I kept going.
I saw a big yellow snake in pond 41 and an alligator in the gully.
15.99 miles
11.0 mph


79° humidity 85% wind 5-7 S
Still no energy. Is it the heat? I tried to take it easy which helped some.
15.03 miles
10.6 mph


84° humidity 68% wind 5-7 NW feels like 90°
I did much better today. I didn't feel tired until mile 17 and dead at mile 18.
18.87 miles
11.1 mph


72° humidity 100% wind 1-3 SE
I dug out my light and found I had to charge it up. Good thing I ride with a charger.
Dark and quiet and cool. Some fog.
Foul smell coming for the Looney Bin.
11.23 miles
10.9 mph

This week 107.7 miles
This year 2568 miles

20190526 cycling


An OK week. I just didn’t have the energy to ride longer. Is it the heat or the wind?


84° humidity 62% wind 1-4 SE
Warm and sunny and I didn't feel like riding until I had 5 miles in then I kicked it up some. Not a fast ride. I saw a 6' alligator swimming in the pond along Beardsley and a wild turkey walking along SR56.
16.93 miles
11.4 mph


82° humidity 68% wind 5-6S
Too warm. I didn't see the alligator in the pond but I did see one in the gully along SR56. He was in the same position the second time I went around.
16.98 miles
11.4 mph


77° humidity 80% wind 3-4 SE
Short ride. I saw no alligators today. School traffic. One loop.
11.28 miles
11.6 mph


81° humidity 61% wind 8-9 E
Windy. I tried but I couldn't fight it.
I only saw two wild turkeys today.
17.07 miles
10.8 mph


91° humidity 40% wind 7-14 E
Hot and windy. Late ride due to Andy's award breakfast at school.
I really wish cars would look before the turn right on red.
11.26 miles
11.0 mph


80% humidity 67% wind 4-10 NE
I saw the alligator in the pond on Beardsley. I saw a turtle on MUP along SR56. I think I saw another alligator in Pond 38 along SR56. But that pond is fenced and has been almost dry. Could an alligator get under a chain link fence?
16.47 miles
10.8 mph


I rode to a friend’s house for swimming.
90° humidity 49% wind 5-8 E
Tailwind there so I made good time.
6.55 miles
12.9 mph
93° humidity 43% wind 2-5 NE
Either wind was stronger or I was tired from swimming. Headwind the whole way home.
6.58 miles
11.1 mph

This week 103.1 miles
This year 2461 miles

20190519 cycling

 special olympics summer games

Less miles this week. The weather was fine but we went to Disney for Special Olympics and I didn’t do much over the weekend.


79° humidity 86% wind 9-14 SW
Ride down BBD again but only to Tampa Palms. Construction across from Hunters Green had the bike lane and sidewalk blocked from McDonald's to Hunters Green. Annoying. As I pulled into the garage, I heard thunder. I just missed the rain.
17.16 miles
11.3 mph


78° humidity 81% wind 5-11 W
Bad time to ride on BBD but it didn't stop me. Lots of traffic especially if citing the interstate. Lots of gnats, too. At least the wind wasn't too bad.
18.30 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 80% wind 4-6 NE then E then SE
Decided to do 3 loops. I need to stop thinking I can do it without a decent break. Twenty miles is my max without a get off the bike and sit break. Utility crew was replacing the tilted poles. It was interested to see the process each time I passed. Another crew was cleaning up the debris from the collapsed pre-school.
24.33 miles
11.1 mph


73° humidity 76% wind 7E
My body did not want to fight the wind.
Two slow loops.
17.07 miles
11.0 mph


68° humidity 83% wind 2-4 SE
Short ride so I can get ready for Special Olympics. I tried to push it some.
11.25 miles
11.8 mph


Special Olympics
Indoor Bike at Hilton
60 minutes
14.12 miles

20190519 bike copy.PNG

86° humidity 43% wind 6-7 NW
I put it off as long as possible. I didn't feel like riding. But I also couldn't break my 8 month+ run of riding.
Just a short, casual ride. I didn't even change my clothes.
4.40 miles
10.8 mph

This week 106.6 miles
This year 2358 miles