17 july 2011


Wonky hair.

POTD prompt was semi-circle.

I have managed to stay under my calories this week. Almost 2000 under. I do not know if I have lost any weight because I need new batteries for the scale.

I just heard the song sung by Andy's former music teacher Mr. Medlock. Andy played piano on the track. Mr. Medlock said Andy had talent and potential. Unfortunately, Mr. Medlock left the school and no teacher had taken his place in helping Andy improve his skills. I need to find a music teacher for Andy. I think he would enjoy it.

Gas. $80 to fill the tank.

Been listening to the iPod more. I have a smart playlist called rate me! In it are songs I have listened to a lot but have not rated. The playlist only culls 100 songs at a time. Today seems be the Ps. Loved listening to Peter Gabriel. Then it moved on to Phil Collins. I heard a song I don't remember called Wear My Hat from his album Dance Into The Light. The song sounds like he was trying to imitate Paul Simon. The album must be one that Gail had purchased. I had lost interest in Collins after his third album. I did not purchase any albums after ...But Seriously.

Gail liked rock and heavy metal mixed with pop. He loved AC/DC but also Phil Collins and Elton John. I do not like AC/DC but I do like the older Elton John and Phil Collins. Gail liked the newer stuff. And Gail liked to listen to music loud. Very loud. To the point where the windows were rattling.

Gathered Ryan's immunization records. I wonder if he still is willing to get his shots tomorrow? I used to keep good records.

Finished purging February 2009. There wasn't much to purge. I think I already organized the month or maybe I didn't take many photos.

March 2009 POTD.

I packed a box to ship to Bonnie. The box fills up quicker than the items disappear. I have so much stuff to get rid of!

I thought I was done with the laundry. I just had to fold Andy's shorts. However, I found a basket from Ryan waiting to be washed. He goes through a lot more clothes.

I worked on a layout for Design Your Life. This was a three parter. The colors were to be analogous and the subject was to be alike and different. And there was a sketch to follow. The subject was easy enough. My boys can be different as cats and dogs. In fact, I often compare them to cats and dogs. Ryan is like a cat in that he typically is content to be alone. Except when he wants attention, you had better provide it. Andy is like a dog in that he is so happy to see you and please you. And hates to be scolded.

I did not like Cathy's color suggestion and planned on using my own. The analogous works because Andy likes yellow and Ryan likes green and they are next to each other. Scrapbook & Cards Today posted a Colour Suite challenge and I though it would work. I played with the colors for quite a while. Something is off but I had had enough so I stopped and posted the layout. I then made a card using the sketch and colors. I like the card better.

Card of the day.

I was feeling a bit guilty not giving the keyboard with the computer. But Andy has a history of dead keyboards. And tonight, he keyboard with do little else but the number 3. I am glad I saved the extra keyboard.