18 july 2011


POTD prompt was slow shutter. My shutter speeds are always slow when I am working with macro. So I focused on a slow theme. I like the Lego Marina. Lots of little vignettes possible.

I don't like having to click the edit in this Day One app. It wasn't like that before and I keep forgetting. Then I have to scroll down to the end of the text.

Moo is having a summer sale. Thirty percent off for a few days. I will have to gather what cards I have and get them printed.

Some of my music is messed up. Michael Penn sounds just like Pink Floyd. Over the years of failed hard drives and mother boards, and transferring from computer to another, things are a little mixed up. Luckily, I still have the CDs if I really want every track back. But with over 12,000 tracks, I doubt I will miss a few songs.

I took Andy to the pool. We went to Chick Fil A for lunch. We dropped off a box at FedEx for Bonnie. Andy went in to check out the store.

Came home. Lego Pick-a-Brick order was there. I spent sone time sorting and organizing. Still need more containers. I think I can transfer my scrapbook storage to Lego.

Damn kettle corn was calling me and I ate the rest. Three hundred calories worth!

Fixed the layout from yesterday. I found a patterned paper that had the colors I wanted and went from there. I also did another layout from week 3 of Design Your Life. Cathy has this thing about mixing paper sizes. I won't do it. I just add more to the digital pages to make them 12x12. So far, I have not learned anything new. But I really like Cathy's style and enjoy using her templates.

I didn't feel like eating dinner so decided to go quick and easy. Two cheese sticks and two peaches. The peaches are so good.

Card of the day.