16 july 2011


POTD prompt was digging. Again, the execution did not meet the idea. I only have so many Lego pieces.

I went to the Fresh Market at Wiregrass. It is run by the same people who run the Tampa Downtown Market on Fridays. Fresh Market is every first and third Saturdays. I saw many of the same booths. I got some peaches and Roma tomatoes from my favorite produce place. I got some corn and melon. I picked up a small bag of kettle corn. Lots of good smells, good food. It was only 10 am so too early for lunch. I saw the bread guy but managed not to buy anything. I saw the crawfish pie booth. Unfortunately, they were at the wrong end and I didn't want to carry a frozen pie. I got some preserves for my dad. I got some fall honey for me. I saw the egg lady. She is there only on the third Saturday. She has organic, real free range eggs for $3.75 dozen. Dad had just bought another dozen so I will have to wait to get some eggs. Hers did look good. I took my camera and took a few dozen shots.

February 2009 POTD

Dad went to church and I put together the Lego Marina. Then it was time to fix dinner. I boiled the corn, cut up a melon. I had salad first then cut the corn in the same bowl. When I stood up, I realized I was full. Very full. The melon was really good.

Card of the Day.