12 july 2011


Break is half over!

POTD. Prompt was more than 6. I put together a new kit with 9 boxes of Lego.

I finished up purging November 2011. I started collecting POTD for December. I missed a whole week of posting because I was getting ready for family to visit. I managed to find photos that I had taken for those days. I began the layout and realized we had to get ready for the movie. I got all the photos placed on the first page before I had to quit and fix lunch.

Andy & I went to see Cars 2. I cannot believe how expensive movie tickets are. It is much cheaper waiting for the DVD. For the two of us it was $15.50. Thankfully we don't get snacks.

The movie was more enjoyable than I expected. I am not sure little kids would get all the references to James Bond. Finn McMissile can do anything. Andy got bored about half way through. He wanted to move higher up which we did. Then he wanted to listen to his iPod. Ironically he chose to watch Curious George which is the first movie I took the boys to. We left about 2/3 in.

I wanted to stay past the credits but Andy was ready to leave so we did. We stopped at McDonalds for fries.

December 2008 POTD. Now that the POTD layouts for 2008 are done, I am wondering if I should have a photo book made or start another alba just for POTD. It would be cheaper to do the album.

Card of the Day.

Purged more photos. Realized I have not done anything with the photos when my family came to town. There are some funny shots between Nancy and John.

I am hungry. I fixed myself a smoothie. By avoiding sugar, my cravings are down and I have calories left over.