11 july 2011


POTD. Prompt is U/ewe/you. I goggled Lego sheep and found this cute one. It looked simple enough but I wasn't sure I had the right pieces. I went through two boxes of Lego that the boys had. I found lots of interesting piece but few that I could use. It was 10 and we had to go swimming. So I decided on this lame sheep and the guy trying to sell it to our simple farmers.

We got to the pool just after 11. It is hot!

Lunch at CFA. I looked at calories and ingredients. The southwest chicken salad has HFCS and MSG. I ate the salad without the chicken.

Came home and worked on a layout for Design Your Life. I don't like the sketch and was going to modify it. I do not like when photos jump the gutter. They especially look bad in ring binders. But I found photos that worked so I used it as is.

Kind of funny but I almost prefer single page layouts these days.

I was going to put off the chiropractor until tomorrow. Then Andy came up to me and said, "This Tuesday?" I knew he was referring to going to see Cars 2. I said OK and got myself to the chiropractor. I got to see Dr Burns and he did a great adjustment.

I stopped at Publix on the way home for orange juice. I want to be able to have smoothies for a snack and the o.j. At home was way past its date.

I was still hungry after dinner. I was too lazy to make a smoothie so I had so e chocolate milk.

Ryan said he will be ready to get his shots next Tuesday. I have made a note to locate his medical records before then.

Andy picked the aquarium but we no longer have passes. I said we had passes to Glazer Children's Museum and he said OK. Ryan said it was OK since it was indoors. I am not sure if he is concerned about bugs and heat or rain.

Card of the day.