13 july 2011


Wednesday Adventure Club off to a bad start. Ryan wanted to walk around the park. I said OK. I stopped to take Andy's picture and Ryan kept going. I looked for him, yelled for him. Which got Andy upset. I finally saw Ryan on the other side of the park. I yelled run. He walked. Grr. I yelled run and he still walked. He got here and I yelled and took his iPod away. Andy wascrying. Grr! He doesn't mind me. I hate not being listened to.

We went into the museum. I said if we got separated, to me at the front doors at 11:30. Then I set the alarms on the boys' iPods. Right away Ryan was giving me attitude. They were out of maps but they had them on the wall. I told Ryan to photograph them. He said no cameras were allowed. We went to go upstairs and the boys went for the stairs but I wanted the elevator. I asked what floor and they kept going. I had to remind Ryan that he was not listening. He came back and told me the third floor.

The elevator stopped at the second and there was Ryan. We called Andy, who was hanging back, and we went back in the elevator. We went up to the third floor and the doors opened. A man got on the elevator and I went to go out. Then I noticed that this was not part of the public space. It contains the offices and area for parties. The elevator only opened because the man called it.

We went back down to the second floor and started to explore. Ryan really likes Water's Journey. The clouds are a climbing area suspended from the ceiling. There are platforms, or clouds, to climb on. The area is caged so no falling. But the whole thing sways a bit which makes Andy nervous. I get vertigo just trying to photograph Ryan climbing.

We went downstairs to play in the Kid's Port. Andy was still glum. He said he needed a nap when he got home.

Back upstairs to play. Ryan likes the Art Smart pinboard and the Super Market. I made each boy stand against the wall in the hospital to see how tall they are. They looked liked suspects.

Soon, Ryan was done so we went through the gift shop quickly and then back to the car. We had lunch and came home.

The drive did Andy good and he was no longer sad when we got home. He said Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz cheered him up and he could play. Ryan asked why Andy took so longer to feel better. Andy is more empathetic than Ryan.

POTD. Prompt was close up.

I finished purging 2008 photos.

Card of the day.