30 june 2011

No swimming today. There was light rain and I was concerned it would get heavier. I would rather reschedule than have to leave early. Andy was OK with that.

It gave me the excuse to get some work done. Though I spent time playing with a new app, Tab Launcher. I like the look of it better than the dock. I tried another app, LiteSwitch. I did not realize it was an old app that was no longer supported. There is a web site and I downloaded the app. But later a dialogue box popped up saying I needed to pay the shareware fee. But the link is a dead end. I deleted the app and started using the built in app switcher.

POTD prompt: the letter s.


I did finish the photos from the party. That feels good.

I placed my order at Persnickety Prints and they are already on their way.

I did a layout, Happy Birthday.

Dropbox sync error. First it happened on my iPhone. But then I realized my iPhone wasn't connected to the interwebs. Why does it keep disconnecting from the wi-fi? Then it happened on my iPad but my iPad is connected to the internets. I checked online and found that dropbox is doing maintenance at 5 pm PST on a Thursday. WTH? So many people rely on dropbox. Why would they not do maintenance in the middle of the night like most other web companies?