01 july 2011

At the pool.

This morning I made new headers for the blogs. Then I took photos of hot. Very subtle on the theme. I think we had hot last week. I do not like these esoteric themes. I had trouble importing into Lightroom. It kept saying the files could not be read. I restarted the computer and all was well.

It is humid. It is going to rain. Hopefully it will stay away until Andy is done with swimming.

I am such a dork. Katrina makes up the prompts at the beginning of the month. She puts them on a PDF. I have been downloading the PDF but not looking at it. They are the same prompts that are emailed out. So I no longer need to wait. Tomorrow's prompt is sparkly. Do I pull out my glitter?

It started to rain. Andy got out. I told him he could swim and he went back in!

Andy can't find his iPod. We went home but couldn't find it there. Grabbed his iPod Nano but it doesn't seem to be working.

Andy is sad. His nano does work but he doesn't want to listen to it. He is just lying down on a bench.

We went home and Andy stayed in his bedroom for a few hours. I did my POTD and a layout for Designing Your Life.

Andy finally came out after Savi arrived. He hadn't had anything to drink. He came out and had a snack and juice. He even started using his nano. I really hope we can find his iPod.

I helped Savi download podcasts and audiobooks and get them on her iPad and her iPod shuffle. She is going to Germany for six weeks.

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