29 june 2011

Bonnie's dad has a broken back. He fell off a building.

We went to Pinchasers for bowling. Ryan said he wanted to play three games. And he didn't want me to play. I remembered to switch every camera setting except for the timer. Wondered why it was taking extra long for the shutter to release. Andy won the first game 78-70. Ryan did manage one gutter ball even with the bumpers.

Second game was better. Ryan got a couple of spares. Ryan won 82-79. Ryan wanted to quit after the second game.

The boys played video games. I gave each one $5 in tokens. Ryan's were spent quickly. Andy takes longer. Ryan didn't win many tickets so he he got a cheap plastic ring. Andy had tokens left and wanted to play air hockey. It was broken last time we were there. Ryan beat Andy easier. I wonder if his eyes do not see the puck well. The boys played two games. Andy had 3 tokens left so we each took one and played the lights game. Ryan does best at this one.

We left and went to McDonald's in Zephyrhills then to CFA in New Tampa. We need more CFAs.

Came home to find my new camera! I post more about it tomorrow.

I took my POTD. The prompt was invisible. Huh? I came up with Emperor's New Clothes. I have a king and some knights. But I have no castle. I spent too much time setting it.

I assisted Doyle at a model shoot. We went to Howard Park in Tarpon Springs. I drove through the town of Tarpon Springs. I never knew it was there! It is a nice little town, from the few things I saw. I will have to plan a photo walk there.

Howard Park is nice. Another good place for a photo walk. The shoot was on the beach. It took a wile to get organized. It was supposed to run for 2 hours. I was there for 2 1/2 hours and there was still a lot of photographer who had not shot all the models. Doyle had only gotten through 2 models. Mostly because he lets others go first.

I told Doyle that I felt like an alcoholic at a bar. So much to shoot and I couldn't. I did have my gear but I was there to assist. Something that Doyle kept forgetting. Instead of asking me, he would do things himself. I would like do some portrait sessions out there.

I realized that shooting models is OK but not something I want to pursue. I would rather shoot portraits for everyday people.

I left at 7 so I could make it home for bedtime. I went to Arby's because Taco Bell drive thru was down. Arby's tea was gross. Mozarella sticks burned my mouth.

I did make it home it time. Then I talked to Savi instead of working on anything. Now at 10:30, I am going to make a card.