28 june 2011

Ugh. Another lazy day. I had highs hopes to get stuff done but my brain just didn't engage.

POTD. Prompt was simple enough, the number eight. But I spent an hour with my Lego trying to come up with something. And in the end, I was not enthused.

Card of the day. This one is better than the first one I made for Bonnie.


Worked on photos while listening the 5 by 5 live.

Junk food. Ate a roll of thin mints. One roll left. Had leftover popcorn for dinner.

Did the pre class layout for Design You Life. Then I listened and watch the slideshow and video. The slideshow was almost 40 minutes. So I flattened the remaining layouts from 2011 left to print. It turns out there are only 18 which is less than the $50 required for free shipping. Maybe I will upload some more tomorrow.

Just found out that dad has a dentist appointment on Thursday so Ryan has to come to the pool.

Bonnie called. Her dad feel off a building/ladder. She had to hang up before she could tell me much.

Andy wants to go bowling tomorrow. I have to see if anyone had open bowl in the morning.

Ryan wants to me move computers around. He has stopped using his older eMac and uses my old iBook instead. He wants to move the iBook to his room.