bowling for fun

Andy had a field trip at Pin Chasers. Mrs E said they would be there at 9:30. I was there (on the phone with Bonnie) and the bus showed up at 9:50.

The kids were told they didn't need to change their shoes if they had sneakers. That made things go quickly.

They were only allowed to play one game. We got done about 10:30. Then the kids paid their dollar and we walked over to Ci-Ci's. It was not open so we had to wait. Andy was fine because he had his new iPod Touch and was shooting videos.

We had too much pizza. We left about noon and went to Publix we took our groceries home and went to Chick Fil A. Andy had two lunches.

We went to McDonald's to get fries for Ryan. Andy said he wanted fries too. Really? He didn't finish his lunch from Chick Fil A. I got the fries but he didn't eat many. At County Line he burped and said, "I do that on the toilet." Huh? Oh he meant get sick. are you going to get sick? "No." but he sat hunched over and did not eat any more fries.

Later, he went into the bathroom like he was going to throw up. But he had diarrhea instead. He didn't say anything and tried to clean himself. But the stink came out into the room and I knew he needed help.