philippe park

This is the last scheduled Friday morning photo walk. For some reason, I never got around to scheduling walks for June. Turns out I can’t walk in June because my dad is staying out of town longer.

OP and George and Allen were at the park when I arrived. Soon Sherry showed up. We really haven’t had the time to chat because the photo meetings have become webinars and there is little socializing.

Jeff and Theresa did show up even though he did not RSVP again. Almost every one was there and we started walking. Jeff did not go through his spiel since no one was new. Sherry and I walked along the water even though the beach got very narrow in places. We met up with the group again when we climbed back on shore.

I don't think anyone was very interested in shooting. Phillippe Park is very nice but Jeff mostly comes early morning for the birds.

Doyle showed up to help me with a photo shoot I had after the walk. Allen, Sherry, OP and I started to walk back towards the car. Doyle met up with us then Jeff made it back with George. Some of the group went to lunch but I had to get ready for my senior shoot.