02 june 11

First day of summer break. Also first day of Finding Photo Freedom. Instead of starting on that, I went to the pool. It is Thursday and that means swimming lunch and Publix.

I did get dome things done like digi shopping and POTD. I have new characters. I spent time collecting old tires and plane parts and not of that shows in this first scene.

Ryan opted not to swim and so did I. I think I am going to order a swim shirt so my fat, pale arms do not need to show. They are need cheap at least in chubby girl sizes.

The clubhouse has a new pool deck. It was just replaced a couple of years ago but they had problems with it. This one is faux tile. And not a good job at the "tile joints". The tables have also been resurfaced and look cheesy.

I didn't bring my camera today. I remembered when I got in the car. Ryan said I should leave it until next year. Brat.

The weather was nice. The sun is warm but the breeze is cool. All the rain we had yesterday helped. The ladies exercise group is still going. Andy showed no sign of joining them until they neared the end. He didn't get too close and even did some of his own exercises on the pool deck.

Ugh. I forgot how bad the signal is here at the clubhouse. The wifi only works inside the clubhouse. You have to leave the pool area to go in. I really dislike what they have done to this place. It is not friendly at all.

Ryan grew bored and annoyed that Andy was still swimming at 11:15. Ryan only swims for about 45 minutes when he does swim at all. I told him he had to let Andy swim for an hour. I said he could stay home next time. Then I realized that he doesn't even know how to use the phone. Neither boy has shown much, if any, curiosity about the phones. They will look on the caller ID to see who is ringing, but they don't know how to answer the phone. Or make call. I will have to fix that soon.

We did our lunchtime run to McDonald's and Chick Fil A and then to Publix. Ryan did better will pushing the cart than he had on Monday. But he still managed to crash into another cart. I cannot see this boy getting his license in 4 years. Or ever.

Years ago, the boys would whine or make some noise if I was in the "wrong" lane. We are all creatures of habit that they knew the routes and routine better than myself. Today, Ryan's arm kept getting closer to me and I could sense he wanted to steer. He said I needed to get over. But we still have 3/4 miles until I needed to turn. Once I told him the schedule, he was OK with my driving in that he knew where I would be driving. He is a back seat driving in the front seat at the age of 12. And he complained that he could not read the air bag warning on the visor since it was partially covered up by a cd holder. I explained the warning and told him about air bags.

The afternoon seemed to drag on. Probably because I didn't nap. I made a layout and a card and worked on some photo editing. my brother sent me a text to land line message. What an annoying piece of crap that it. The call comes from "unknown" and the computer speech is awful. You must recognize the number or else you will have no idea whom the text is from. It is very bad and takes way to long to go through. I told him to email me. But he doesn't have a smart phone. Ugh. He wanted a recent picture of me and the boys. Double ugh. Thankfully not one exists that I know of.

9:28 pm

Quiet with Ryan asleep and Andy soon to go to bed. He won't go to sleep until after 10, maybe even 11:00. He is a night owl. But he knows to stay in his room and be "quiet" after 9:30. I will probably go to bed soon.

Only 80 more days to go.