first portrait session

My hairdresser talked me into taking portraits of her 14 month & family. I prefer taking candids of people. I am not comfortable giving direction and telling people how to pose. But I realized that the photography I like to do probably will not make a living for us. Portraiture is a better route. So I am going to practice on people I know until I feel confident with strangers.

We planned to meet at University of Tampa. They have a nice park and large porches for open shade. The only problem is the heat. My boys came with me and we got their early. We walked around and I practiced on them. We went inside Plant Hall to cool off.

D and her family arrived. I had not met her husband and son before. J was cute and responded well enough to my laugh. We started on the front porch and then moved inside. I am disappointed with the photos from inside. I think I had the flash too low and most of the images are too dark.

We tried some on the back porch but Jack was getting cranky. We moved to the grass and finished up there. I did take loads of shots. I have 200 that are good enough to process but will edit them down to about 30-40.

Shooting J makes me regret not taking better pictures of the boys when they were little. Then again, trying to pose one while watching the other or trying to pose them together was difficult at best. No wonder I prefer shooting architecture and landscapes.