[photo walk] scott kelby's worldwide photo walk

Last year I went on the second annual walk in Dunedin lead by RC Concepcion. I had a blast. Who knew photography could be so fun? I knew I could not wait year for another photo walk. Through RC, I found meet-up and joined Tampa Photography Forum. You can see my previous posts for all the walks I been on in the past year.

Around May, I started wondering about this year's walk. I was eager to see what walks would be available and was hoping to join 2 or 3 walks. Scott announced the date and his walk to Tarpon Springs filled up quickly. I didn't want to go to Tarpon Springs during the day since we had just had a photo walk there and it was hot and not very exciting. The consensus is that night time shoots are better. RC announced his walk in Ybor City, also near noon. We just had several walks in Ybor and I wasn't keen to go back though there are some areas I wanted to visit.

Jeff, from Tampa Photography Forum, announced his walks. The first was a morning walk to Palm Harbor. I have never been and knew I wanted to check it out. Jeff's second walk was a TeCo Trolley Ride and Car Barn Tour. Hmm... we just did that too. But I knew I could basically do what I wanted to do and not tag around with the group.

Jeff had tried to set up a third walk to Clearwater Beach at sunset. But he was beat by Scott Kelly from the west coast who wanted a sunrise and a sunset walk. Kelly's walk took a long time to fill up so Jeff never got a chance for a second walk in the area. He decided his third walk would actually be led by Jeff Davis, a member of NPPF.

I wasn't sure what to sign up for. I was waiting to see if Jeff could get another walk. Then I found out my dad would not be here to watch the boys. Luckily, Savi was available. I decided to limit myself to just 2 walks. Ryan just doesn't like me to gone for bed time routines.

Tropical Depression Bonnie went to the west of us but brought a lot of rain. We weren't sure if any of the walks would go on. All walks had a rain date of Sunday. Since I could not be flexible like that, I had intended on going out even if it rained. It was gray Saturday morning but eventually cleared up. It was hot and humid with heat indexes over 100.

Doyle, Bridget, OP and I formed a group and walked around Palm Harbor. We were disappointed in the size and lack of interesting things to photograph. The downtown was declared an Historic District but had no personality. Doyle got a shot of rather large woman shaving her tattooed legs at the bus stop. I got some good shots but nothing worthy of winning a contest.