[photo walk] phillipe park

This wasn't a regular photo walk. Well, it was for Jeff and the group as they have their Monday Morning Photo Walks in different parks around Pinellas County. I had never gone as they meet at 8 am.

I had been going through my mail and saw the reminder and asked Ryan if he wanted to go. To my surprise, he said yes. Phillipe Park is in Safety Harbor and I knew we wouldn't get there on time without rushing out the door so I didn't worry about it. We got there at 8:25 but took a while to find every one. We found their cars but didn't find any photographers about. We started walking on our own.

Phillipe Park is quite active with joggers, walkers and bicyclists. We saw a few birds but Ryan managed to scare them away. We walked to an area that is a beach. I asked Andy if he wanted to get his feet wet since he and I have sandals which can get wet. Ryan said his shoes could get wet and walked in the water. Converse really aren't meant to get wet. We squished and squeaked the rest of the way.

We did find Jeff and the rest of the group. They walked a bit then drove then walked some more. Phillipe park is not that big, we walked about a mile loop though there was some more to explore. Ryan was bored and wanted to go.

We had to stop for gas so I told Ryan to look out for Hess. He spotted one right away and it was $2.51 per gallon. Closer to us it was $2.57 per gallon.

We got to the clubhouse at 10:35. Ryan wouldn't swim because it was too "late." Andy I got in the water. It was almost too warm but after the walk this morning it felt good.

Then we went to lunch and Target for groceries.