[summer break in 80 days] day 6

Oh man! I am not sleeping well. I think I know what or who the probably is. But I don't know how to solve the problem. At least wuthout causing other problems.

I get super sleepy after breakfast. It could be my pills kicking in or could be that I am waking up every couple of hours at night when someone rolls into me. I asked Andy to let me doze until 9 am and then next thing I know it's 10 am. Oops.

The boys wanted to go out and ride their bikes. I was not in the mood to garden so I grabbed my camera instead. I got a new polarizing filter for my short zoom and put it on. It's hard to manipulate it with the lens hood on. I really don't like lens hoods. But they are a must on sunny days.

I tried taking some shots of the crape myrtle blooms with the sun behind. But the polarizer makes the sun flare spread to an ugly mess. I did one good shot with sun flare and a bee. You can see it here. Then Andy stood in front of the palm tree and I took some shoots with the high behind him. I prefer the backlighting to the sun flare. I want to try some silhouettes. But I know the boys will not cooperate. I may try the woodlings but they are very unstable and topple over with the slightest breeze. Professional photographers make it look much easier.


Grilled cheese for lunch. Yes, everyday we are home it's what we have. There was a time, years ago when they would peanut butter & jelly but no more.

Ryan is getting bored and bugging Andy more. I have to intervene then comes onto my lap to bug me. High need indeed.

I finally enrolled in a month of Kelby Training and I watched Rick Sammon go over digital cameras. It was really a beginner lesson but I did learn a few things about metering and I finally found my blinkies! I wish they had more classes on photography. I did find an Olympus class at BetterPhoto.com. But it's $198 for 8 weeks. Not bad but I just can't afford it right now. Rick's video were good but I find myself getting fidgety too soon.

Guess what the boys had for dinner? Yep, Tyson Southern Style Chicken
Nuggets. I had pizza and I think I had the oven up too high. It's been so long so I have made any that I couldn't remember if it was 425 or 450. I opted for 450. It was still yummy. Some of the cheese was a little too brown.

A pretty unproductive day. Oh well, 74 more to go.