[summer break in 80 days] day 7

I may be getting bored with this already. In the past 6 days, I started my entry earlier in the day and added to it throughout the day. Today I am starting after Ryan is in bed. Thinking back...

(this boy LIKES to help with chores)

I did get some gardening done today. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle with the front beds. Weed today and more weeds show up tomorrow. I am afraid I might have to resort to chemical help to control the problem. I wanted to get the front done before I went to the backyard but...

Ryan did not come out and ride his bike. I don't think he was feeling well. He hung out in the playroom most of the day. At one point, he laid down on the sofa for about 15 minutes. He didn't have a fever but this is very unusual for him. The TV was not on and he just covered himself up with the blanket.

I pulled the 3 orders I had. Business is SO slow. I have some new product coming in next week which might help a bit.

I made a couple of cards. I decided to do some hand sewing to one. Why I do this, I do not know. I love the way it looks but it makes my hand ache and my fingers go numb. I need to make myself practice on my sewing machine.

I had Ryan pick a park for us to visit tomorrow. He chose one in an area that may be described as ghetto. I guess I should have pre-screened the parks.

I was looking at iPhone apps. I saw some sports quiz apps for 99¢. I asked Ryan if he wanted baseball or NASCAR. He didn't want either. Andy wanted NASCAR. Ten minutes later, Ryan comes back and asks where it is. Why is he so afraid to ask?

Speaking of Ryan. The tooth fairy forgot to visit. I just went know to switch the tooth with the money and the tooth was gone. He took it out of the baggy and put it under his pillow. The way he thrashes around, he would surely lose the tooth and/or the money. I took the tooth and then put the money in a new baggy on the fridge.

I have recently discovered the joy of fried eggs for dinner. I love fried eggs sandwiches but those 2 slices of bread double the calorie count. I've tried the wraps but it's not the same. Just the eggs, OK, and a bit of cheddar are so lovely. Good thing my cholesterol levels have always been low.