[summer break in 80 days] day 5

I wonder when I can do repeats because our days our so predictable?

Today is Monday, our other swim day. The Monday & Thursday schedule started 3 years ago when I just had too much work to swim every weekday. I have the time now but Ryan does not want to alter the schedule.


Last year I did not swim. I was too uncomfortable in a swim suit. No, I am comfortable now but at least the suit fits me again. And swimming feels so good. Almost every ache and pain is gone in the water. The only bad part is getting out when your body feels twice as heavy as it did before the swim.


And because I wanted to come home to shower & get dressed, this really changed things. Andy seemed OK until we were home again. It will take some getting used to. One thing I knew not to change was lunch. First to Wendy's and then to Chick Fil A.

Our final destination was Target. I let the boys lead the way until we got to the groceries. They walked through books, video games and toys but asked for nothing. Yeah, I know I am lucky. Ryan continues to stress me with his grocery cart driving skills. It didn't help that he saw a young father jump on the back and go gliding through the parking lot.

Home is the typical, boys on the computers, boys playing with their cars, boys drinking too much milk (ryan) and juice (andy). Ryan tends to get on Andy's nerves. Andy doesn't know how to tell him to stop so he whines. Andy's whines get on my nerves. I am trying to teach Andy to say "leave me alone Ryan." But I also need to teach Ryan to listen. Andy is catching on quicker than Ryan.

The one really nice thing about swim days, the boys goes to bed quickly.

They announced the new iPhone today. I would love to have but don't need one. I asked Ryan if he ever earns an iPod would he want my iPod Touch. No, he wants an iPod Classic like Andy's. OK, Andy's does hold a lot more movies but the iPod Touch has a much bigger screen. And all of the fun apps. Weird kid. Maybe Andy would want the iPod Touch?