[summer break in 80 days] day 2

(boys on the last day of school not cooperating for a photo)

What did happen today? Ryan did sleep in some. It was 4:40 am when he started tossing and turning. I kicked him out at 4:50 am and fell asleep. In fact, I don't remember the 5:15 am alarm nor Andy coming in at 5:30 am. I must have been tired.

I had on my list to do some gardening. I need to plant the jasmine I purchased on Monday. But I neglected my linnecards.com work so I pulled orders instead. I know, not exciting but it had to be done. One benefit to this crappy economy is that there were few orders to pull and it completed quickly.

We had some storms roll in the afternoon. Before they even got here, we had some weird mini outages which only affected the washer and dryer. Just enough to make the PF come up on the panel. Then when the rain did it, it was over quickly. I was disappointed even though my backyard is a mucky mess.

Ryan went out in that mess and walked around. I guess he liked the feeling between his toes. I didn't realize what he was doing until he said he couldn't get his feet clean. I walked over to see him blackening a bath towel with muck. His feet were caked in mud. I told him to go in the bathtub and wash them and he didn't understand you can wash your feet without undressing. I showed him how then noticed the mud flakes all over the carpet. I told him he should vacuum it up and he said he couldn't. I showed him that he could. He doesn't like the loud noise but he made it through a couple of passes with the vacuum.

The rest of the day was pretty routine. Andy wanting to play by himself and Ryan forcing him to play his games. Ryan telling me the cookies were gone even though I asked him if he needed any just the day before at the grocery store and he said no. I offered to take him to the store or make him some but he said he would wait until Monday. Yes, he loves routines more than he loves his EL Fudge.

The only pictures I took were for Photo of the Day.