[summer break in 80 days] day 3

Storms rolled through about one am this morning lots of lightning and thunder but no rain. They were south of us and caused a bit of damaged. Ryan stirred but didn't wake.

Ryan asked to ride his bike this morning. He remembered that our typical storms come in the afternoon causing them to miss their riding. So I finally planted the jasmine. I got too much so I planted some around one of the crape myrtles and in front of the dwarf pampa grass.

Weeds continue to grow in the front beds.

Lunch at home is always the same, grilled cheese sandwiches. Ryan eats one quarter, no crusts and some Wavy potato chips. Andy waits until the sandwiches are cool before he eats.

The rest of the day is pretty ordinary. Ryan teases Andy, Andy whines. I try to tune it out but eventually I lose control. Only one "HEY!" and calm discussion helps things out for a while. Why must they play in my bedroom?

I did laundry and made some cards. Took some naps and read some.

I went in my studio bedroom to take some photos for photo of the day. The boys soon followed.