he is NOT an animal


Andy got his first haircut at Carnival Cuts in Michigan. At the time, it was a novel approach, distract the kids with video so they won't realize a stranger is coming at them with a sharp object. Andy did fine and we went back several times.

Gail thought Andy should be able to go to the local barber and I tried. He just didn't like waiting his turn and the barber was not a hot chick with boobs. We would rather spend 40 minutes on the car, one way, for a 5 minute haircut that walk around the corner. Even in my younger days of motherhood, I chose to easy way out. That is, the easier way on my nerves.

When we moved to Florida, I could find no kiddie haircut places. I decided to try SuperCuts. I took Andy and Ryan one morning during the week when I expected it to be quiet. It was, no one was in there. I had to sit Andy on my lap and even then he was not cooperative. Finally, the stylist said he could only use the clippers since he was concerned about slicing Andy's ear off with the scissors. I agreed and he turned them on.

Andy did not like the clippers. He struggled even more. I held on for all my might. It seemed to take about 3 days but probably only took 10 minutes and Andy's head was shaved short. I was exhausted and embarrassed by Andy's behavior. Meanwhile, the other stylist assured me she would watch Ryan but she was too taken in with Andy's behavior and let Ryan crawl on the floor. Lovely.

I think the charge was $7 and I gave him a $20 tip. I felt awful. As we left, I heard the stylist say, "That kid is an animal."

Here is the part you expect me to march back in and ream the guy a new hole. I didn't. I was too shocked, humiliated and defeated. I cried the whole way home. Why did my son behave this way?

All this happened months before we had even a vague diagnosis of PDD-NOS.

Both Andy and I have come along way since that spring 9 years ago. He longer cries and fights his haircuts, though he does tend to shrink his head into his shoulders. And I would never allow anyway to get away with calling my son an animal.