8 weeks to optimum health

I have read several books on dieting and health. The only one that really makes sense to me is 8 Weeks to Optimum Health: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power by Andrew Weil. And I am learning that it really doesn't take all that long to bake a chicken breast or salmon fillet and some steamed vegetables. I have gotten into a routine of what I buy and what I eat. And I like routines.

Eight Weeks breaks down getting healthier into 8 weeks. duh. Dr. Weil explains his reasoning for choosing a Mediterranean diet then goes on to have you do a new step each week. They are all pretty easy to follow though I have gotten stuck at getting a massage, going in a steam room and meditating. The first 2 cost money and although there is no cost to meditating, I can't seem to shut off my brain.

The program then gets progressively more involved--more supplements; more of a shift toward a diet based on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; more exercise. Besides these steady changes, each week's program has a focus: In week 2, you start drinking bottled or filtered water; week 3 focuses on organic produce; week 4, on sleep; week 5, using a steam bath or sauna; week 6, trying a "universal tonic" like ginseng; week 7, volunteering in your community; and finally, in week 8, figuring out how to integrate permanently the elements of the program into your life.

Another problem I have is getting all the supplements he suggests. You can order convenient packs from his site but it isn't cheap. Right now, I am just taking a multi-vitamin.

Oh right, this is Wednesday. Let's get the excuses out of the way. It has rained almost everyday so I have only been able to walk once. Add to that, Andy was home sick for three days and then there was the holiday weekend. My weight has been up and down more than any rollercoaster. I am quite surprised I lost anything at all. But lose I did. A whopping one pound! Hey, I am being positive. This brings my total weight lost to 43.8 pounds. And to prove it's been wet...