bringing gardening back

After the tree fell, I went looking for photos of its progress over the years. I was struck by how nice my yard used to look.

When we moved in, we had a bare lawn in back. Only grass and 3 shrubs around the a/c unit. I wanted beds but Gail didn't. He liked the plain lawn since it was easier to mow. He was OK with the trees since he wanted shade too. Then I convinced him we need more trees in the other corner. After he died, I kept adding more beds to each corner and eliminating the thirsty lawn. I tried different plants but many could not survive 2 boys and a dog. The indian hawthorne did well. So did the cassias which did so well they had to be removed.

(summer 2002. crape myrtles, jasmine planted on the fence, maple tree in front that later died, mint planted in the back to keep the aphids away)

I found that I like planning and planting but not the maintenance. And once I started scrapbooking, I didn't going out in the back yard much. Then I opened my online store and I really didn't have time to garden. What didn't die, grew like mad. I am embarrassed how my yard looks and want to bring it back.
(spring 2009. jasmine has taken over, I think the crape myrtles are still in there somewhere)

I have decided that since I can't go walking while the boys are on break, I can work in the yard. I started this week when Andy was home sick. And I did some more over the holiday weekend. It's funny but now I've got weeding on my mind, if I see weeds anywhere and am tempted to go pull them.

It's going to be a slow process. Already, I see weeds I missed after I thought I got them all. Or are they springing up overnight? Well, we seemed to be getting an ark full of rain.