Let's get it out of the way... Happy Thanksgiving.

Another lazy morning. But I was finally getting ready to walk and realized dad is going to church. Drats! I can't go and leave Ryan alone. The walk will have to wait until after lunch.

Can you hear that pie calling my name? It's getting rather loud.

Dad was home by 11 but then it was Andy's turn for the wii then lunch... I am letting my quesdilla settle a bit before we walk. And it's warmer now, almost 70.

I am making white bean chicken chili in the slow cooker. I am using McCormick's seasoning for the first time. Really lazy on my part, I know.

Don't listen to that pie! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...

Went walking with Andy. He couldn't find his recorder and the old iPod wouldn't work. He was upset until I said I would leave my headphones at home. Walking without music or podcasts means I only have my thoughts to keep me company. There was no conversation with Andy. He tends to lag behind.

So I think too much and I think I gave myself a headache. We walked to the Firewheel Park were I haven't taken the kids in years, 8 or 9. Andy wanted to play which would have been OK but there was this little girl, Sophie, who kept following Andy. Sophie was OK but her father liked to hear himself talk. And he likes to believe that he knows a lot. Heck, he probably thinks he knows it all.

First he was talking about what professional athletes should fo with their money. Then he got talking about how Michael Jackson went through his money. But first Paul McCartney taught Michael how to buy music rights to make money but then Michael Jackson outbid Paul for the Beatles collection. And even though Paul claimed his was OK with it, it really upset and went to Yoko Ono but she wouldn't help. And everyone thinks Yoko Ono split up the Beatles but they were all ready going their own ways. She was just the straw that broke the camels back. She was filling John up with peace and love which is OK until the enemy shoots you. I love how Michael Jackson left his father out of the will...

He wasn't talking to me but to an older gentlemen. Maybe his father or father-in-law. He didn't say much but uhuh and hmmm when the younger guy gave him a chance.

It was then I was happy not to married to a talker full of bullshit. Oh wait, I was. Hmm...

The chicken chili smelled really good when we came home.

Oh man! That pie is calling again!

The chicken chili was good with just the right amount of kick. Next time I might make it without the chili, maybe add potato?

John called as we were eating pie.

Ryan wanted us to play jeopardy. He read the clues and poppa and I had to answer. Ryan reads too quickly and doesn't know a lot of words. It was slow going.