Chilly this morning. I am glad I turned on the heat last night though it didn't kick on until this morning.

Andy and I walked. He slows me down but it's good to keep him active. Ryan stayed home and watched cartoons. Since we got a cable box in the bedroom, he sneaks in, shuts the door and watches. He also likes the Game Show Network.

I've been working on my Christmas card in Photoshop. In the past, I made it fairly simple. This time I got some digital elements and am trying to make it a bit more special. I really haven't done any digital scrapbooking and am finding the simplest things, like changing the color of brushes a chore.


I didn't get done what I wanted to get done but I did get some other things done. Mpix had sent me a notice that they were going to delete my albums if I didn't place an order. I don't use them for storage per se but there are some photos that might be printed again. Anyway, I knew I needed to get my Christmas card done as well as the family album page.

After a break for lunch, I sat down again and finished the card. I realized I could use some training in the digital graphics area. I am still not sure how to use the graphic brushes.

After I uploaded the card and sent it out for printing, I decided to work on the family album page. That went quicker since there isn't much room for graphics. I usually just leave a square for the date. I got summer 2009 done and uploaded it to Mpix. I should have waited to print my Christmas card to save on shipping. Oh well. I did think to look at Napp and found a free shipping code. Oops I didn't use it on the cards but that order was only $3.00 for shipping. The album pages will be $5.95 or more.

I might do another album page if I get motivated. I will have them both printed together. Then I have to do a photobook for my dad's birthday. The photos are already picked out.

I ordered Andy's iPod this morning. I save $11 through the apple web site. Since he wants yellow, that it the only place to buy it.


Sweet potato casserole is in the oven. I just realized that these Eating Well recipes are too involved. I do not enjoy taking half an hour to prepare one dish. And a side dish at that! My back is sore and I feel like a nap.

I prefer the easy prep of slow cooker meals. Chop some vegetables, pour some stock, add some spices. Then sit back and wait and let the aroma seep through the house all day. By the time it is ready, you are hungry and ready to eat.