No school today so I spent an extra hour in bed. Andy left me alone for most of it. Nice.

I didn't walk Monday or Tuesday so I was determined to walk today even though it was going to rain. I asked the boys if they wanted to go and only Andy agreed. It was sprinkling when we left and it got heavier as we walked around the neighborhood. As we rounded the last corner to go home, I saw Ryan out in his slicker looking for us. He ran home as soon as he saw us. Dad probably didn't even know Ryan was gone. (I checked, he didn't.)

I am baking pumpkin pie now. OK, I forgot to preheat the oven so I am waiting for that. The pie is ready to go in.

Ryan is playing the wii. Andy is playing his piano. Poppa is entering all his blood pressure, peak flow and other data into a spread sheet. There is an app for that but he prefers the old fashion way.

Uh oh only 2 eggs left. We might be able to make it but... why take a chance. Oh and look, I ended up at Starbucks. How about that!


I was trying to think what to give up so I could have some pie. Oh right, the cookies. Two cookies is about the same calories as a slice of pie. And whipped cream is only 15 calories per serving. Yeah, their serving suggestion is a joke. Pie must be covered in whipped cream. No dollops here.

Of course the pie is good. And of course I want another slice especially since my dad opted for ice cream instead. Weird man.