thursday 10.29



Now that dad won't be here so soon, I can relax a bit. Though I was doing well on getting my tasks done. I need to mop the kitchen floor and make his bed, not big things. But then, I really need to clean up my desk, as always, and had decided to put it off. But maybe I will try to tackle that before dad comes. I would like to play with the wacom.

Andy happily wore the silly socks with a completely unmatching striped shirt and shorts. It's hard to let it go but it gets easier as they get bigger.

Will be going to Target for the third day this week for stuff I forgot yesterday. sigh


What an expensive day! Meds from Target, beds ordered, Crate & Barrel...

I thought about going somewhere fun for lunch like California Pizza Kitchen but I just couldn't justify the calories. I opted for the Power Lite Quesadilla from Tijuana Flats.

It was so nice going to Crate & Barrel. The boys would have loved the escalators and elevator, all made by Schindler, but it was heaven not to worry about them getting into trouble. I got into trouble myself buying more than just the desk.