friday 10.30



Got some things off my list. Yay! Moving that metal shelf was not easy. It was too heavy to lift by myself and the sliders are useless on brick pavers. So I "walked" it to the garage. I think I should have moved it to dad's room and sold the shelf in there. Maybe. If dad needs the extra shelves then I will.

It's so nice to see my Warren Kimble prints again.

Next I want to get rid of this display stand. It just takes up too much visual space.

I went through Pottery Barn. It was my first time at the Wiregrass store. I don't I have been in any PB store in about 5 years! The wiregrass store is large but is filled with furniture and big stuff. Nothing got me excited.

Around the corner, however, is Williams Sonoma. And with my return to the kitchen, I was excited with all the gadgets. I only got some toast tongs. I know that dad has trouble with the heat of toast with his thinned skin. I was very happy to see the peppermint dish soap! It's not shown in the catalog or online and they only have a few of the items. It makes me think that this is leftover from last year. So I got 2 bottles of the dish soap.