wednesday 10.28



Still be lazy.

Ryan told me this morning that he wants to dress up for the book character parade. But he t know what he wants to be and won't want to go shopping. grr

OK I have a long list. Enough lounging about.


Cleaned up some, pulled an order, baked cookies. Then I went to Target to get my prescriptions. Spent $141 and forgot the drugs. oops


I looked for Halloween costumes but couldn't find anything appropriate. Book character is hard enough. Three days before Halloween is impossible. I even went down to the Halloween Spirit store which is more geared towards adults.


Yikes! The drowsies attacked this afternoon and I napped. I haven't napped during the week all month.

My brother called. My dad left on Tuesday even though he has been feeling under the weather. He got dizzy and had to pull over. 911 was called and he now in the hospital while they run tests. They think it is just a virus but ...