friday 10.9


Time to paint the trim. And I really don't want to. I would love to go back to bed. But that is probably my fault for drinking a venti chai latté after 2 pm.


Taking a break to straighten my legs. I have 3 walls done. Yeah, I know! It's going much better than I expected. Turns out I do trim much better left handed, it shakes less. And once I stopped trying to paint the trim under the carpet line, it went better.

I really hate 2 1/2" trim. I grew up in older homes with 6" trim. That feels so much more substantial. More of a design element that an after thought to hide a joint.

But I really love Dark Was the Night. It's a compilation album. I love compilation albums as they introduce me to artists that I hadn't heard before. I know I don't need to add anymore artists to my collection but music is just so wonderful!


Done and showered. OK there are some spots on the ceiling I need to touch up but I will do that later when I get out the tiny brushes.

As I got to the door, I realized it would better to take it off the hinges. But I couldn't get it to budge. Oh well, maybe Hank can help me. All three doors could stand a good coat of paint as well. And my dad's closet door. I removed it after the boys managed to break the ones in the other rooms...grr.

One problem with my dad moving in not good. OK there are more but this is one of the bigger ones nagging me. He leaves his laptop on the kitchen table all the time. I have mentioned this before and lamented the lack of natural light. But now I realize that I don't want his stuff creeping all over the table. I have trouble with this myself. He needs a place for his stuff. I was thinking about a computer cart or maybe an armoire in his room. But how do I do that without him feeling alienated?

What is it about the Awake Tea at Starbucks that hits me so much harder than me fixing it at home?


The doorbell rang and I answered it. It was Joel from Verizon trying to sell me services. For once I did not send him scurrying away with his tail between his legs. Only because I have been meaning to make the switch from Brighthouse to Verizon Fios. I already have Verizon Fios for phone and Internet. I did not have TV because the boys (mostly Ryan) loved Bay News 9 so much. And Bay News 9 is a brighthouse exclusive. But we don't watch TV much and Ryan agreed to the switch. Two things; 1) I wish I could get cable without a box!; and 2) It would be cool if I could pay for the hours I actually watch TV.

Joel was still here when Ryan got home. "Who is this?" Nice.