thursday 10.8


One benefit to be stuck at home with a cold and painting is that I am not indulging at Starbucks which means less calories and more weight loss. The cold has killed my appetite, all I want to do is drink tea. I have seen the digits get smaller and I have lost almost 60 pounds total.

Sure I feel much better losing that weight but I wish it would be more noticeable. I wish I had to buy some new clothes. And I wish people would say something. I am definitely a sucker for words of encouragement (which is probably why I take criticism so hard). I appreciate the kudos from my readers (all 3 of you). The only person (in real life?) to say anything is my hair stylist, Dana. She is probably happy that she doesn't have to worry about me breaking her chair.

Ugh! How did I manage to turn weight loss into a pity party? Enough!


I am getting towards the end of the first room. And as I get closer, I get lazy & sloppy. I probably should have done this wall & dog leg first but I thought doing a straight wall would be better since I hadn't painted in years. Next room, I will save an easy wall for last.

Ugh, sucks knowing there is a next room and one after that.


Top coat done, one more required. I have really gotten careless. Three days with not a drop on my clothes. Today? Was I in a paint fight? The second gallon of paint is almost gone. What was I thinking?

Salmon is baking. Yesterday, I only cooked it for 10 minutes instead of twenty. Not until I bit into the middle did I notice. Gross! I don't do sushi.


Waiting for Andy's but and catching up on Twitter which was down for a couple of hours this afternoon. Funny to read all the tweets by people who were lost without Twitter.

I left the house! I probably shouldn't have since I seem to be coughing more. But the ricola does a fine job of suppressing most coughs.

My cruise control is acting up again. I wonder how much that is going to cost me? I do use it a lot.

I went to Home Depot (I prefer Lowe's) since it was on the way. I got some brushes and a runner size drop cloth. $60! How does that happen? Another complaint, self checkouts. I try but I always need help. Today it was a missing bar code. And then you can't use your own bag. Stupid.