weekend update 10.11



Today is a semi annual community garage sale. I didn't know about it until Thursday and then wasn't sure if it was ours or Meadow Pointe I. We don't get monthly newsletters delivered to our door. They've gone digital but I didn't know this. See the newsletter is/was 8 pages of the same general info crap each month. So I rarely read it but did look to see when the garage sale might be.

Anyway, I did not participate because I didn't know in time. Instead, I got Andy to pick up his bedroom. And I moved some of the furniture out so I have more room to paint. I also did my computer maintenance and am backing up disks. Somehow to back-up boot disk got full. So I had to erase it and start over.

I have been thinking of decorating ideas and such. So many options, so little money. It was keeping me awake some last night.


I was enjoying dome Jack Johnson when Ryan started hovering around the entertainment center. Oh time for the wii so I turned off the tunes. sigh

I did a lot of looking at furniture and bedding yesterday. Quality isn't cheap. I am not sure I want to spend that kind of money right now. I know Andy wants bunk beds but I think I am going to set up a bed in each room. I was thinking of something I could hang from the ceiling like a tent.


Well, crap! I just realized that tomorrow is a bank holiday and there is no school on Friday. Tuesday is the FiOS installation, Wednesday is haircut, Thursday is chiropractor. And I'm supposed to get painting done through all of that?

Don't expect much in the way of me blogging this week. And I just posted photo of the day for Saturday and Sunday. Ugh.

On the other hand, I have figured out what to do with the boys' beds and hanging sheers from the ceiling. And since we won't be getting new beds, maybe it's time to upgrade the mattreses. They are not very comfy.