Family Traditions: Waffles

Every Sunday, I make waffles and sausage. This tradition has a several beginnings.

I always preferred waffles to pancakes. Christmas mornings, Dad would make waffles and sausage for John and his family. He had to have 2 waffle makers to keep up with the demand. He always used Aunt Jemima Original Pancak Mix.

When Gail moved in, weekends meant big breakfasts: eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits and bacon or sausage. Nancy bought me a Snoopy waffle iron one year. It really doesn't really make waffles, more like crispy pancakes. Michael bought us a waffle maker but it was belgium style. The Aunt Jemima wouldn't work so I switched to biscuick. That was better but I missed the original waffles. One year I finally found a regular waffle maker. Ahhh...

My dad would cook waffles and sausage on Saturdays or Sundays at the cottage. After my mom died, he started invited the whole "compound." He still uses 2 waffle makers.

I don't know when we started having waffles and sausage exclusively on Sundays. It probably happened after Gail died and I stopped making eggs since the boys don't eat them. I still use Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix. When my dad is here, I still have to mix the batter after one time his mistook flour for pancake mix and ruined the batch. But he takes over from there.

For sausage, dad gets Bob Evans. But we don't get it down here. I have tried several and the favorite is Johnsonville Maple Sugar Flavored. But now we can't find that so we are stuck with the original. It's still tasty but I find myself cutting back so Andy can have more. Actually, he only eats 2 links on Sundays. He saves the rest of Tuesdays and Thursdays when he has his biscuits. That habit was started by my dad at the cottage.

Ryan sometimes eats sausage but never warm waffles. He prefers to let them cool then eats them later. Andy eats his waffles first, still eats them in strips. Then he gets the sausage. His use of the fork is lacking. Andy would pick up the sausage with his hand, put it on the fork. Then take it off the fork and put it in his mouth. His hands got so greasy and he would just wipe them on his t-shirt. Today I helped his poke the sausage on his plate and put it in his mouth with out making his hands messy. I will have to remember to help him next week, lest he forget.