And he doesn't even like gummi bears!

Busy day for us. Pool, bank, lunch, gas, Target, chiropractor... Last time we were at Target, Ryan wandered away and we had to call code yellow. So I talked with him today and thought he understood NOT to wander away. I was wrong. Everytime I called out for him Andy got upset which made me get more uptight.We found Ryan in the candy aisle amongst a pile of gummi bears he had dropped on the floor. I did my best not to yell since that only makes things fall apart even faster. Once I got him to tell me that he did it, I grabbed a bag and made him pick them up. Do you know how much gummi bears are? $6.99 per pound. Ryan managed to drop a pound and half! And I felt I had to be honest. I told the cashier but he did not make us pay. He saved Ryan's hide.