Went to the mall to get a keyboard.

Andy finally broke through the plug so it wouldn't work. Yes, if I had the patience and the parts, I could probably fix it myself. It probably would have been much, much cheaper than going to the mall. We went to the Apple store. The keyboard was ONLY $29. They had iPhones in stock but I didn't get one. Barely even looked. I did notice that I couldn't see the screen with my sunglasses on. That kind of stinks.

But we couldn't just leavve the mall then. No, Ryan loves to follow the map and walk around. I asked them if they wanted to get their pics taken, they had a picnic set up at Sadies. Nope. Oh well. Saved me some money right? We walked past the Crocs kiosk and I asked Ryan if he wanted some. I do everytime and he says NO. I think it's funny. Then I said we should check EBX to see if they had a used copy of Sonic Heroes. Ours is too scratched to play. They didn't and Ryan complained and I said that was the problem with the older system because they don't make many new games for it. The salesman said he had a Wii in stock. Huh? How about it Ryan, do you want one? No. Huh? What a funny kid. Probably the only one in American who doesn't want a Wii. I deicded to get it because evently he would want it and then it would be impossible to find. As he was ringing me up, a woman came in asking for one. Whew! Oh and they are cheaper buying in the store since you aren't stuck with the bundle.

We kept walking. I asked if they wanted to go into Build a Bear which Ryan normally declines. This time he went in. Both boys got puppies and did the whole sound, heart, stuff, fluff, dress and name thing. Luckily, I had my small digital camera for a couple of pics. I was paying for the dogs and said it was an expensive day and realized I didn't have my Wii! I put it down to help Ryan with the computer. VERY luckily, it was where I had left it. We left then. No use testing what luck we had.