20190804 cycling


Another good week for miles. Thirty miles is still not easy but it getting easier. Also, a little faster.


74°-77° humidity 95% wind 4-5 NE
Two quick loops before my job interview today. (I need a job!)
Luna Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter ✅
16.83 miles
12.2 mph


76° humidity 92% wind 4 SE
Quick ride before swimming with Andy.
One big loop and two minis.
ClifBar Nut Filled Peanut Butter 👎
13.33 miles
12.5 mph


79°-89° Feels like 101° winds 2-4 SE
Fours loops. Hot and sticky. I am lasting longer. My feet were cramping for a few miles near the end.
ClifBar Crunchy Peanut Butter A++
32.47 miles
11.6 mph


74°-80° humidity 92% wind 4 N
One loop and 2 minis before swimming.
ZBAR Chocolate Chip is OK.
12.65 miles
12.4 mph


74° humidity 94% wind 5 NE
Overcast and sticky. The wind slowed me down some but the clouds kept the heat away. I saw 4 catfish on the SR56 MUP! They must have been blown out of the pond 200 yards away during the storm last night. Luna Caramel Walnut Brownie is a bit too sweet.
24.75 miles
11.7 mph


76°-82° feels like 89 winds 4 SE
Overcast when I started which kept the heat down. The sun came out on my last lap when I was already feeling tired. Chain making noise. Needs lube from all the rain this week.
Luna Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter is messy in the heat.
32.21 miles

76° humidity 93% wind 2S
One loop then down to BBD and back. I saw Ryan was n my way back. He got upset that I was home before him or that I passed or something. I don't understand him. He laid on the ground for a minute. Then got up, rode him bike down the driveway, around in a circle then back into the garage.
12.83 miles according to my Apple Watch. Strava is having trouble uploading my ride.

This week 145
This year 3659