20190728 cycling


It was a good week for cycling. There was rain on Wednesday which messed up my plan to ride 30 miles that day. And I had to wait to ride on Thursday but I did get my miles in.
I am finding it easier to ride longer when I am properly fueled. Though I do find myself getting tired after 20 miles. I guess I will get stronger and faster if I keep with the longer distances.

72-77° humidity 95% wind 4 NE
Quick ride. One big loop and several minis to make up the hour.
12.64 miles
12.5 mph


74°-83° feel like 92° wind 2-6 S-SW
Three loops. Wind seemed stronger at times. Almost ran over a crawfish on SR56.
Mis-timed was he light at Mansfield and almost got hit by two cars. Oops.
24.60 miles
11.9 mph


78° humidity 89% wind 4-5 SW
The plan was to ride 30+ miles. I got two loops in, 21 miles, and I heard thunder. I was at the clubhouse so I stopped there to see if the rain would go by quickly.
81° humidity 85% wind 4-5 SW
Rain let up but didn't stop. I wouldn't have mind the light rain but the thunder makes me anxious. I rode home.
I feel like I don't deserve to eat the ClifBar because I didn't ride long enough.
22.76 miles


76° humidity 91% wind 6 S
It rained all morning. We got 2" as of noon. I hoped for a dry ride but didn't expect it. The roads were wet and one car managed to splash water on me with a lane in between us. I didn't know if I should go slower in case I managed to get 30 miles or faster to avoid the rain?
77° humidity 87% wind 5 SE
14 miles in and the rain was coming. It started about mile 15. It was light and no thunder so I went another loop. By mile 16, I had to take off my glasses.
I was soggy when I got home.
24.51 miles
11.5 mph


73° humidity 95% wind 1E
Two quick loops. Trying to make up for the rain. Dark skies in the west.
A few drops starting at mile 13.
15.65 miles
12.1 mph


74°-83° humidity 97% wind 2 E
Sticky ride. As the temperature got warmer, the wind got stronger or I got weaker.
The first two loops were good. I felt myself slowing down about mile 20. Also sick of eating sugar at that point.
The last loop wasn't bad. I even had some energy to push the last 2 miles.
ClifBar Builders Protein Cinnamon Nut Swirl for my treat was too sweet.
32.50 miles
11.5 mph


73° humidity 94% wind 3-4 N
Late start so sun came up 1/4 through the ride. Legs felt good and wanted to push. I guess they needed no recovery.
Two shorter loops.
15.62 miles
11.6 mph

This week 148.2
This year 3513
I made my goal for the year of 3500 miles