20160403 cycling

71° wind 6 SSW
Didn't register the wind direction and went my regular route. 
Driver didn't stop at Oldswoods and nearly hit me. Even when she did see me, she still didn't stop but crawled behind me. Grey small SUV type vehicle. EGK023
My HR went up pretty high after that. 
Kept riding hard along SR56. The wind wasn't strong. 
I saw Ryan on CLR and beat him home. 
10 miles 14 mph

Foggy 69° wind 1 NNW
I rode to take advantage of the wind but it didn't work out that way. The wind was light and it shifted. 
Rode my usual route but skipped the path because of construction. 
Stopped near MPB
68° wind 3 NNE
9 miles 14 mph

I didn't notice the moon until i was in lightroom.

I didn't notice the moon until i was in lightroom.

61° wind 7 NE
I put on my long sleeved shirt and rode. Arm warmers would have been fine but I can't justify the cost. 
Sunrise in my eyes. Not sure if it was the wind or just fatigue that made me ride slower. I think I need to do some weight training for my legs. 
Bad timing at the school. Car turning right into school did not look and nearly ran me over. 
10 miles 13.6 mph

 special olympics east area cycling

69° wind 5-9 SE
Good start. Wind hit me hard when I turned at WRB.
Legs were tired. 
LMP truck parked in bike lane on CLR
10 miles 13.99 mph

70° wind 6 SE but it felt much stronger. It was misty at time too. 
I wasn't feeling it when I started and thought to take it slow. I saw I was near 13 mph when I got to MPB so I pushed it a little more. Then I turned into SR56 and lost it. The wind was against me even though it wasn't supposed to be. My legs gave up. I couldn't push it even if I tried. 
I didn't go down WRB knowing the wind would kill me when I turned around. I stopped for a minute then just rode home. I went from 13.8 to 13.1 mph
9 miles.

ryan and i were lucky to get in rides before the rain came.

ryan and i were lucky to get in rides before the rain came.

75° wind 10 SSE
Dark and gloomy. I turned on my lights. My front light lit once then nothing. I figured it was the batteries and switched them out. The light is dead. I need a replacement. 
I took it easy. I knew I would have the energy to push it. 
Some wind. It didn't seem as strong as reported. 
Most of my ride was in zone 1. 
10 miles 12.6 mph

Went for a quick ride around the neighborhood on Ryan's bike. It took less than 10 minutes.

Rides this week: 7
Miles this week: 59.9
Miles this year: 659