20160510 cycling

I am finding little energy to ride longer than the minimum. I think this is because of the added stress lately. I know that more cycling can help with the stress but I just can't do anymore right now.

59° wind 2 ENE
Broken glass on Beardsley
Didn't ride too hard but found my speed was pretty good. Barely felt the wind. 
Broken glass on Mansfield. 
Driver honked at me. I gave the finger and then saw her waving like she knew me. Oops! Then she passed and I am sure I don't know who it was. Blue Sienna with diplomatic plates and WDW annual pass sticker. 
10 miles 14.5 mph

54° wind 2 NNW
I put on a sweatshirt but skipped the tights. They would have been nice. My hands were cold, too. 
Went CW and had to stop for the light at Mansfield. 
Construction barrels blocking the bike lanes on Mansfield and SR56. 
I pushed myself to get to 14 mph. 
9 miles 14 mph

62° wind 6 ENE
Felt more like 8-10 ESE. 
Stomach cramps. I couldn't push it. 
I saw a biker fall to avoid hitting a car pulling out of Sassafrass Dr. The driver did not stop before turning. The biker said he was OK and got up quickly. The driver did stop to check. I kept going. If I wasn't in pain I might have stopped. 
9 miles 12.9 mph

79° wind 7 WSW
Ride with Andy. I rode the 820. We rode to SR56 along Mansfield. I stopped and read the sign at Dolce Café. It says they have relocated to Café 365 in Wiregrass. (Did they merge? Did they take over?) Andy missed me turning into the parking lot. He realized I wasn't at the light and turned around looking for me. 

We were stopped at WRHS with a blocked path. We had to ride in the street. After we stopped at SR56 Andy said, “You said that [path] was closed.” Yes. I saw them blocking the other path but didn't realize they were going to big a dig hole. Oops! I meant dig a big hole. “You need to fix the spoonerisms.” What? Where did you hear that? “I don't know. I just learned about them right here.” He must have learned about them at school. I had forgotten about them. My kid is smart. 
5.5 miles 8 mph

62° wind 3 SE
Rode out CLR to BBD
Felt pretty good. Had to slow down for light at Mansfield. Played leapfrog with guy who rides the hybrid. 
Coughing after I finished. 
11 miles 14.2 mph

75° wind 4 NW with stronger gusts. 
I rode Ryan's bike up to Meadow Pointe Cafe & Deli to see if they had ice cream. I couldn't find a menu online. It was windy but pleasant.
The cafe does have ice cream but I didn't think to bring my wallet. Oh well, I guess I don't need anything.
1.34 miles 8 mph

79° wind 5 E
I took Ryan's bike out to Morningside. The sun was low and in my eyes.
2 miles 8.9 mph

48.5 miles