18 june 2011

Bought some new kits. Deleted 30 iOS apps. There are lots more I could delete but I am not sure of Ryan still uses the games.

Went to do POTD and noticed one of the cabins was falling apart. I knew it was Ryan. He said it just fell apart. He didn't do anything. Right. So I rebuilt two of them to match the first one. It has the best design. I was missing two pieces when I was finished but I let it go. Then I took the photo.

Orange lunch: grilled cheese, baby carrots, melon.

Ahh. Finally finished editing and uploading the photos from the bicycling finals for special olympics. Also finished April 2008. May 2008 has tons of photos. I was really experimenting with still life vignettes. It also is a record of what I used to decorate my home.

May 2008 POTD.

Thunder but no rain.

Dinner: salmon, tomatoes, melon, chicken nuggets for the boys

Card of the day.