19 june 2011

Father's Day. Just another day in this house. Though Poppa should be here by next Sunday. I hope. He went to Indiana today and should be in Atlanta by Wednesday.

Spent most of the day working on May 2008. I was trying to be very creative with the still life scenes for my POTD. I deleted over 1000 photos. I must have been too busy to do much more than grab a good shot and edit it for my post. The rest I left for later. Later took 3 years to happen. Most of the files were still in the original raw format. I converted them to dng. I noticed that I am running low on hard drive space. My photos are kept on an external hard drive with 1Tb capacity. There is less than 50Gb of free space. Purging these extra photos will help but I think I will look into getting 2Tb drives soon.

Andy usually just wears his jammies on the days we don't go out. His jammies consist of t-shirts and boxer shorts. Yesterday and today he has gotten dressed even though we did not go anywhere.

We put off the shaving lesson until tomorrow. I realized I should get Andy a razor than is not pink and some lotion that does not smell like flowers. I asked my sister for advice and she said her boys started out on electric razors. Andy does not want that. He barely outs up with the buzzing when he gets his hair cut once a month.

I have been listening to old episodes of Build & Analyze. I am not a programmer. But I am caught up on all my other podcasts so I decided to download these. Nerd that I am.

Photo of the day. Today's prompt was dad.

Card of the day.

Went through June POTD. Tons of pool photos that need to be scrapped. Tons of photos I took for POTD but did not use. It is interesting to see how I processed photos back then. I used a lot of photoshop actions. I tended to mute the colors a lot. I love that I have the original that I can do something else if I choose to.

I can't remember when I started taking glucosamine. It was recommended by my chiropractor for my chronic ankle pain. Glucosamine is one of the supplements where you can't really feel it working until you quit. I ran out about a week ago and yesterday my ankle started aching. It has only ached when I have been walking a lot. I have only been home and it should be fine. But it feels like it did before the glucosamine kicked it. It is expensive but I think I will make sure to pick some up tomorrow. Though Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Glucosamine HCI 1500mg, With MSM 1500 mg, 375-Count Tablets at amazon is a lot cheaper than what I pay at Target.