dunedin photo walk

Dunedin is a small town on the gulf coast north of Clearwater. It is a nice place to visit with lots of cute shops and places to eat.

We met at the marina and walked to the jetty. There was an aerie with an osprey family. OP could see 2 babies. The parents kept flying back and forth with food and I tried to get some shots. I am not a bird photographer. I lack the patience and a steady hand while holding the longer lens. I threw away all of my shots. They were mediocre at best.

I left OP and walked to Main Street. I had said that anyone who wanting to eat lunch could meet up at 11:30. It was close so we went to Tina's and waited. Wendy showed up. She was late and said she was looking for us.

After lunch, Wendy & I walked around and I tried to help her with her camera. We walked through the market and were disappointed in the stuff they had. There was more produce than anything else. Wendy did buy a hat and she let me take her photo as a challenge that no one gets a good shot of her.

We walked back down Main Street and then it was time to go home.