[photo walk] clearwater beach

Last month, I went on a brief nighttime walk to Clearwater Beach. I had never been to Pier 60. I knew I wanted to come back and explore. I scheduled a Friday photo walk.

My sister, Nancy, and I took the boys to a beach near here back in 2001. It was a long drive and keeping track of the boys was not an easy task. And I am not a beach person. I prefer the pool and concrete deck to the ocean and sand. My boys are the same way. So we don't visit the beaches much. It's much easier to go the clubhouse for an hour of swimming than drive and hour, one way.

There were only 5 of us on the walk. I was glad Jeff came since he basically led the group. Mike and Allen prefer more nature and landscape, Maya and I prefer more urban subjects. We walked by the marina. I love the little buildings which house the booths for the various tours. Many were plain and utilitarian but a few were more interesting. We walked to the Bait Shop. We didn't go in. I wonder if they sell bait or are they now just a restaurant?

Jeff knew of a few places where there were there were bird nests. I am not a bird photographer. I lack the patience. And the lens I used most of the time doesn't have the reach. I did like the tell tale sign of birds above with the parking meters.

Then we walked to the Pier. You could walk about half way for free. To get past the gift shop and to the end of the Pier, it cost each person $.50. Maya and I went out while Jeff, Allen & Mike sat on the benches and talked. Most of the people at the end were fishing. The brown pelicans were looking for handouts. Those birds are big and not afraid of humans so much. They startled Maya a few times when they would land on the rails.

I got bored and started walking back. Maya had started to follow but got distracted. Once I got back to the guys, they were ready to go. I had to call Maya to nudge her to come.

We decided it was time for lunch. Allen & Mike didn't stay. Jeff, Maya & I met Maya's husband for lunch at Crabby Bills.