special olympics torch run

We are getting closer to the State Special Olympics and Monday there was a torch run. It was sponsored by the Pasco County Sheriff's Department. The run started at 9:00. I was late because I had to wait for Ryan's bus. I got to SR 54 and US 41 at 9:10 but there was no sign of anyone. I drove up 41 and found the group. I expected a lot more people. I thought it would have been for all of Pasco county but it looked like just a few schools.

I pulled into Hungry Harry's to park. I grabbed my camera just as the runners with the torch were passing. Soon, the rest of the group passed by. When Andy got here, I joined them. I wasn't really prepared. I had on my sandals instead of sneakers. And I had left my wallet and iPhone in the van.

Andy was invited to participate even though he didn't qualify for the State Finals. They said the run would be slow so Jessica thought walking would be OK. But they meant slow run, a jog. Those of us walking slowed up the whole group. At some point, we were picked up and ferried to a spot close to the end of the run. The we got out and walk/jogged to another area. It wasn't the finish but close. They wanted everyone to run into the park together. The only ones who had any energy left were the deputies who had hydration packs on their backs.

Ms. Jessica and Mr. Jim had to get a lift back to get the vans. The kids played on the playground. When they got back, Ms. Jessica dropped Andy and me off at Hungry Harry's and our van. We all went to Chili's for lunch. Andy would not eat the chicken since it was battered and fried and not breaded. He did consent to try the fries. The pepper made him suspicious but he decided he liked them and ate them all.

The high school kids were talking about Mr. Jim's full name. It is James Frances Cracciolo. And it turns out that he his aunt, Janine, was engaged to my brother, Greg. Small world!

Andy wanted to come home with me. But first he wanted to go to Chick Fil A! Andy noticed that they had done some decorating since our last visit. Just some subtle changes, new wall paper and new counter tops. Andy didn't eat much after all those fries. But he did play some. At least until the play area filled with loud, little kids.